Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beautiful bird baths

Leaves by Jenny at www.leavesbyjenney.com  sells leaf shaped waterfalls you should check out.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Compost Guy talks about bokashi -- how to do it and how to make it.  Can't wait! I'm getting my buckets now!

Bokashi Bran

2lbs Bokashi Bran
Extra bokashi bran to use with your bokashi composting kit or around the house.  Bokashi bran can be added to litter boxes to help control the odor.  Bokashi can be mixed into traditional compost piles to help inoculate the pile.  It can also be added to potting soil or mixed into the soil with transplants to help with the decomposition of organic matter and to inoculate the area with beneficial microorganisms, both of which help with plant growth.
How to Use:
Sprinkle a small handful of bran over each 2″ layer of scraps and press the layers down to ensure contact and to remove airspace.  Harder to break down items such as corn cobs, avocado skins, meat, and cheese will require more bran.  Green mold is bad, white mold is good.  If you are seeing green mold then you need to add more bran.  Foul odors are also and indication that proper fermentation isn’t taking place.  If you smell foul odors then you need to add more bran.  Proper fermentation should have a sweet, vinegar like smell.  At 70 degrees complete fermentation takes about 14 days.  Cooler temperatures will require more time to properly ferment.
Ingredients:  Wheat Bran, Filtered Water, Blackstrap Molasses, Azomite, Sea Salt, EM

Price: $11.99

No, I'm MAKING my buckets now!  Lisa's two bucket trick

Make that THREE buckets:


Can I use Bokashi culture mix to get rid of my pet's droppings?

Yes. We do not recommend using Bokashi fermentation to process animal feces because there is a small risk that organisms in the feces if then processed and placed in a vegetable garden could cause problems. If you are going to process that material and place it in the ground for ornamental plants, it will work well and get rid of the odors and mess that can be hard to otherwise handle. You should mix the feces with other plant material, leaves, or wood chips so that the Bokashi culture mix has a rich amount of material to process. Then after fermentation bury it in the ground covering it with about 8 inches of soil.

Can I use Bokashi culture mix with my kitty litter?

Yes. If you add a handful of Bokashi culture mix to the kitty litter each week, it will greatly help in reducing the odors of ammonia and waste in the litter. You can then ferment (pickle) the litter mixing it with leaves and other organic debris and use this product in the soil for ornamental plants. Do not put this material in your vegetable garden. There is no harm for your pet in using Bokashi in the litter.