Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mid February

Yesterday, heavy rains. Today, a perfect day for gardening. The air was cool and moist on my cheek, the soil soft, and the weeds unsuspecting.  I was sad that Nov, Dec and Jan had left me so uninterested in the Great Outdoors. But no, as a good peasant, I was just busy laying low -- making new brooms and whittling nutcrackers -- until springtime.

Since we're having such a mild winter, it's safe (I hope!) to prune back all the dead coleus, the blue porterweed (and to weed that blue porterweed) and to try to come to some kind of conclusion about the beach sunflower which promises to overrun the front yard.  Potted up some brugmansia (???) cuttings that very obligingly rooted in just three weeks.  Planted out some nice pink Mexican petunias that I hope will do OK in our damp soil. If I remember to water them.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

After so long....

I didn't even want to go outside, much less think about gardening. Yesterday, though, I had to do something about my compost pile. The barrel was too full to turn anymore, and by the second week of letting old tomatoes, coffee grinds, and rotten bananas wait in containers by the sink, one's housemates begin to find The Organic Way a bit trying.  I filled two buckets with some Free City Compost, some rainwater from my own barrel, and started shoveling in that black gold from my barrel.  Hmmm, what to do with it?  Well what a treat it would be for this poor potted plant.  Plop.  And for this hibiscus. Plop. And why not the orange tree? Plop.  And so it went, and then enthusiasm built and I was NO LONGER an urban professional but ONCE MORE a happy peasant tilling my soil according to the seasons.