Thursday, July 31, 2014

purslane "pazazz"

I've been planting way way too many yellow flowers in my front yard. Blue porterweed is knee high all over the place; vinca in various pinks balances it out, the white butterfly bush looks to be thriving, but I've really gone overboard with the yellows: there's the unwanted beach sunflower, the unwanted wedelia from next door; and now I've gone and planted yellow purslane and yellow g.
I kicked myself over the purslane, because it's a retiree's flower, only blooming at high noon when I'm at work.

But it sure is beautiful, spreading so nicely! And come to find out that it's a salad plant, incredibly rich in omega fatty acids or whatever they are!  Supposedly they propagate easily from cuttings.

Portulaca oleracea:  Purslane "pazazz"

Monday, July 14, 2014

Winter vegetable garden

Winter vegetables:

Beets. She describes Bull Blood as being her favorite.
Order seeds:
Place in a bin in backyard.