Food from My Garden

No more citrus.  I've eaten Florida citrus from my garden all my life. Still can't believe it. The Ponderosa lemon I picked the other day was juicy and good, so maybe it's OK, since it isn't a true citrus.

Avocados: Bethia and John gave me a Mexicola avocado tree that is doing very well. I must remember to water it an extra time a week and fertilize it three times a year. Mexicola how to  2013.

Salad and nuts: A moringa tree, started from seed this year, 2013. 2017: this tree looks so ridiculous, a deciduous toothpick.  I yanked it out to make room for the Christmas palm.

Red hibiscus, leaves and flowers for tea: 2013. A gorgeous plant I propogated from a clipping off -- Bethia's. I don't go to nurseries any more. I just go to my daughter's with clippers.

Basil in the front yard planters, Winter 2016.  Gorgeous AND delicious. Never needed extra water.

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