Wednesday, July 4, 2018

New plantings

Bought three HibisQs from Home Depot today, two pink and one white, and made a strip bed in the front yard adjoining the neighbors.  The blooms are really, really beautiful.  They won't grow much, only about two feet, so these aren't regular hibiscus bushes.  They're a hybrid.  Hope they're perennial.

I also planted some milkweed between them, which is already being attacked by milkweed bugs.

I uprooted the loathsome (sorry!) beach sunflower and planted that arid spot instead with the variegated sansevieria, which I like so much. Hope it does well in that sunny spot.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Woeful avocado

So for Christmas this year, we bought an avocado tree.  I wanted to plant it where the dead orange tree was, and wish wish wish I had spent a little more time digging, getting the old roots out, and putting down soil for the avocado, because getting it started has been uphill all the way.  Trying to establish anything during the dry season here is just plain stupid.  

Jene's Tropical did give us very good directions from this website:

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Green Thumb 2018

I reined myself in and purchased only two plants at Green Thumb this year.  Cristina pointed out that I have quite a lot of purple and lavender already, and she's right: persian shield, purple queen, lantana, lavender itself, and all that Delhi primrose.  

So I bought three milkweeds and some sedum. I like the sedum so much, I'm thinking of plugging it in anywhere it'll be safe from trodding feet. But I purchased it to put at the feet of the tall milkweed; I'm hoping they will group together nicely, in the full sun in the front yard! 

Update: One of the milkweeds has already produced a seed pod, just one week later I've tried planting the seeds from one of them.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Have a bed going in the front, meant to be like a REAL flower bed. Also mulching under lemon tree, which seems actually not to be dying. Where to put my flat of Mexican heather?

Started some peppers from the lovely new pepper plant I got at the Saturday morning market. Fingers crossed! It is a beauty:

I added some cockscomb and some Little Sunshine   as well as some mini purple lantanas.  I've tried to propagate the Little Sunshine and it's doing well, as is the lantana.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

New plants 2018 spring

Just got back from the Saturday Morning Market where I purchased a mecardonia "little sunshine", a very cute little creeper which I hope will do for me what I thought the Ganges primrose would do last year.  I plan on propagating it and lining paths with it. Also, it would look terrific with my variegated sanseverria. The mecardonia requires full sun to part shade, which makes it a great choice for the front yard.

Broke down and got a polka dot plant.  Think I'll put it by the back door, and maybe propagate a few buddies for it. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Frozen nonnatives

Alas! I put all my garden basket into one, or two, nonnative plants and this is what I get:

I still love them, and I'll use them if they bounce back, but I'll remember to cover them in the next chilly weather! They're almost groundcover so it would be easy.

Potted plants

November '13
purple pansies, chocolate chip bugleweed which lasted and lasted

November '17

yellow pansies
persian shield
Very nice combo. The pansies held up very well to the January frost. The purple shield did not. Next time, cover.

Both pansies and purple shield came back, pansies immediately, purple shield after a little nursing. The pansies lasted until April. The purple shield is still going strong. I should be propagating persian shield, just like coleus!

April 17
Serena Angelonia
Red Sensation Cordyline, which may well take over the pot completely. Note: a year later, I can't remember it at all.