Monday, September 2, 2013

Fruit Trees

So sad. My four citrus trees no longer bear fruit due to greening, the Chinese imported bug that infests them all.  They still look ok, and they still bloom, it's just the fruit is very woody and flavorless.  Marty is all "But they're still trees!" but I want to be able to go out in my garden and pick luscious fruit, at least for some part of the year.  Bethia & John bought me a Mexicola Avocado, and I planted it outside Janie's window. Unfortunately, I didn't realize at planting time that it's a very tall tree, so I hope I didn't plant it too close. It's doing very well, shooting up daily.

Everything is growing wildly because of the prodigious rains we've had this summer. Rain every day, just like in the old days. The bamboo outside my window is wonderful, and I've started a nice new clipping of red-leaf hibiscus, which I swiped from Bethia.  The maple leafed shape foliage is a beautiful color, and the leaves are tart and tasty.