Saturday, June 28, 2014

So much!

Many new plants!!!

Mexicola grande avocado tree, courtesy of my sweet Bethia: If you do get just one tree, here's a tip to increase fertilization: Spray flowers with a weak honey water mixture, like 1:10.  The bees and wasps will be all over it, pollinating away!  Really worked for me.

It is sometimes called the year-round avocado because of its long harvest season. To extend the harvest, store fruit for up to six weeks in cool temperatures. The fruit matures on the tree but ripens after it is picked, so delay picking and store in a cool place to provide avocados almost all year. 

Moringa tree: In front yard, again, courtesy of my sweet Bethia: I'm expecting a bumper load of about five years.

Home Depot: Broke down and bought a mini pink which I've almost killed already. Bought coleus which I immediately began to snip up and propagate with great satisfaction. Bought luscious begonia which will probably be dead by the next time I read this, bad me.

My order from Santa Rosa Nursery arrived: 
Items Ordered:Price:Status:

It's not such a hot idea to order super cheap on sale plants; they arrived very root bound and droopy, the lower leaves burned yellow. I ripped out some whip-and-a-chain beach sunflower and replaced with gaillardia I planted Buddleia by the bougainvillea and hope it will be answer to all my dreams. I'm eager to see my sedums take off -- their leaves look radically different.

Also bought on impulse from Home Depot:  Calarhea. Medium light, moist soil, and warm home temperaures of 70 - 75.  Meant to be just a houseplant? Remarkably beautiful leaves.

My four cubic yards of dirt quality mulch from the city was probably at least one cubic yard too much, but oh well, I'm not through yet. Tired, but not through.

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